Sunday, 13 January 2013

Cos Matching Your Hair To Your Clothes Is Cool

I have a new dress to show you, but it's white, and I'm going to wait til my hair is a bit less freshly dyed before I wear it (I managed to blue-ify the collar of my dressing gown this morning)... Anyway, I figured that navy hair calls for a navy top, so I wore this cocoon-sleeved one from ASOS, with a pair of loose leather trousers, and some clumpy wedges. The result was an entirely unfeminine, and somewhat unflattering look, but I think it's cool, and that is all that counts, right?

(ASOS top, vintage trousers and bag, Topshop shoes)
(COS jacket, H&M snood)


  1. seriously love your style!
    great blog, looking forward to more posts lovely :)

  2. Simple and chic! <3


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